01: Permission Slips and Traveling Intentionally (Kiona)

Kiona is a down-to-earth woman who really sees and hears you. She is humble, hilarious and an amazing woman. I came to know about her through my Instagram exploration of conscious + aligned travel accounts and she has provided great education for me and countless others. Kiona is the type of woman you want in your corner. She's vulnerable and incredibly authentic and intentional with all she does. By highlighting diverse and marginalized voices, she shifts the narrative from a travel centered focus (me, I) to a more global centered focus (the country itself and those who are native to those nations). This allows readers and travelers to get a more accurate picture of other places.

Kiona, Ph.D., M.S., M.A. is the curator of the digital travel publication How Not To Travel Like A Basic Bitch. The platform is dedicated to helping others feel confident about traveling respectfully while showcasing perspectives from all parts of the world. The publication was created to uplift marginalized voices and create travel media that shifts the narrative from the traveler to those we encounter while traveling. Her work is dedicated to understanding nuance and advocate for diversity, inclusion and equity in the travel space.

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Humans of NY story and subject: @emanbfendi.

Adult language is included in this episode.