04: Inclusive Fashion and Multiple Identities (Drea)

Drea Johnson is a light in a world that is often not inclusive and reserved for folks who all look the same. She's broken the mold and continues to create a life that she enjoys living and has created community and has opened the fashion world to humanity regardless of sexual orientation, gender expression or body type. She's thoughtful, empathetic, compassionate and understanding and has a deep understanding of what it's like to be standing on the outside of "the thing" looking in. She hasn't just pulled up a chair, she's burned the table and is really doing things her way. 

Drea is an entrepreneur, body positive model and advocate for intersectional feminism and sustainable apparel. She is outgoing, vivacious and the imaginative owner behind Hidden Opulence Design House. Hidden Opulence is a Design House that’s focused on apparel sustainability and upcycling, serving both existing apparel brands and the general public. Drea's purpose was to create a comfortable, fun and inspirational alterations environment for, not only the local community, but especially those who are POC, identify as queer, or simply need more support embracing their own bodies.   

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