03: Disruptive Storytelling 101 (Chidimma)

Chidimma is a podcaster, educator and disruptive storyteller. After recording 100 episodes for theTYPEAhippie Podcast | ChiCast, Chidimma went on hiatus and has since returned to podcasting with conscious + aligned with Chidmmma, the holistic and intentional podcast. Chidimma and her guests, disruptive storytellers, will talk about their road to becoming more conscious + aligned which will hopefully inspire you. 

When she is not podcasting or speaking with disruptive storytellers, Chidimma loves the simple things in life, like spiritual growth, spending time with family and friends, travel, laughter, hot yoga and hot Pilates, Russian Kettlebells, boxing, indoor cycling, the Michigan Wolverines, kale salads, french fries, red velvet cake or cupcakes and recordable television.

To connect with Chidimma:

Humans of NY story and subject: @jennyouen.

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