04: Spiritual Activism and Overthrowing Systems of Oppression (Rachel Ricketts)

Warning! This is a spicy episode with a fair amount of cursing. It was honestly such a gift to record on a Saturday night with Rachel. She’s very grounding, intelligent, humble and direct. She’s a true holistic practitioner and advocate who not only does her own work, but shares tangible ways for you to start doing your own work in order to overthrow systems of oppression, white supremacy and the patriarchy. But friends, you’ve got to do the work. Address your own pain so that you can show up because we are all connected. 

Rachel Rickets is a thought leader + outspoken champion for Black and Indigenous womxn. As a racial justice activist, lawyer, healer, speaker + writer, she educates white folx on their role in perpetuating white supremacy, and helps folx of colour heal from internalized oppression. Rachel hosts online and in-person workshops including her renowned Spiritual Activism series which promotes racial justice and offers practice solutions for all hue-mans to dismantle racist heteropartriarchy. She is the co-founder of WOC (women of Colour) Talks and has helped numerous global brands with anti-racism including Google, WeWork, CreativeLive, lululemon and TELUS.

Rachel’s work has been featured in publications such as Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Mind Body Green 21Ninety, Black Girl on Om and Thrive, she’s presented at international conferences including SXSW 2018 + 2019, me Convention in Stockholm and the Follow Black Women Conference. She loves donuts, dancing and all things metaphysical.

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Photo credit: Alaina Michelle