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04: Spiritual Activism and Overthrowing Systems of Oppression (Rachel Ricketts)

“Another one that continuously comes up is, white women who want to include me in their, ya know, online symposium, interviews, blah blah blah, whatever, because they’re trying to collect Black people and they one, want me to do it for free. So no. And two, don’t, again, it’s this lack of, care or thought and don’t read my responses even. I just had a woman ask me to speak on her online symposium for free. And she was like, ‘It’s a marketing opportunity.’ No, it’s not a marketing opportunity for me. I don’t need your marketing opportunity, I’m just, like if you want my offerings, service and education, then pay me for my time. Period.”

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03: Resisting White Supremacy Right Where You Are (Kenrya Rankin)

“Understand that the most impact that you’ll be is right where you stand. So, where are you right now? And what can you do in your immediate environment to move the needle? And that there’s, everybody doesn’t have to be an organizer on the front line, everybody doesn’t have to be holding a picket sign and have their arms linked. And while that is a valuable form of resistance and that’s gotten us a lot of places. That there are a whole lot of other things that we can do, in the place that we are, that helps us all get there.”

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