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10: Disrupting the Convenient Church Narrative (Andre Henry)

“Now look at how that translates to Black Lives Matter protests, right? They note Black people are angry. But they don’t think it’s a righteous anger, they think we shouldn’t be angry, we shouldn’t be displaying anger in that way. We’re so on and so forth. But the thing that we’re angry about, ya know? Cause there’s not really a strong concept in evangelical faith that God, that God gets angry at injustice. Even when we see Jesus do that. You know and evangelicals have a a very high view of who Jesus is. You know that Jesus is God. So, you know, Jesus is supposed to be telling us something about what God is like. And if, Jesus gets upset at the poor being exploited in a religious establishment then that means, you know, for those who claim to have evangelical faith, that you have to accept that God gets upset at the poor being exploited.”

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