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03: Resisting White Supremacy Right Where You Are (Kenrya Rankin)

“Understand that the most impact that you’ll be is right where you stand. So, where are you right now? And what can you do in your immediate environment to move the needle? And that there’s, everybody doesn’t have to be an organizer on the front line, everybody doesn’t have to be holding a picket sign and have their arms linked. And while that is a valuable form of resistance and that’s gotten us a lot of places. That there are a whole lot of other things that we can do, in the place that we are, that helps us all get there.”

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05: Speaking Diversity and Inclusion in the Sseko Ssisterhood (Carisa & Taylor)

“So I feel, and I’ve been doing a lot of research as far as reaching out to my black friends and family and finding out. do they have a bad taste because it’s direct sales, or is it Sseko or is it the mission? What exactly is preventing them from wanting to join or be a part or be a customer of Sseko?” {Carisa Montgomery}

“Yeah Carisa when you were just talking about the solution of the problem being inviting more people to our community and being more inclusive, I’m thinking about two of the aspects of Sseko which are one of my favorite parts of being a Sseko Fellow which are our Design and our Impact Councils. So on the Design Council we get to offer our suggestions for future catalogs. A lot of the things we are making now are a direct byproduct of the suggestions that are being made in that space. And we also have an Impact and Connection Council where we talk about the best way to foster connection between the women who are involved in Sseko here in the United States and our women in East Africa.” {Taylor Trenchard}

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