How Dating Has Helped Me Return to Myself

I love that this image says: I don’t care what I allowed in the past, try me today. I’ve become more unapologetic as I get older and wiser. As I continue to surround myself with folks who see me, who are invested in my spiritual and personal growth. They remind me of the truth of my experience and also that I am valued and loved as I am because I am a member of humanity. For this, I am truly grateful.

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Podium of Privilege

What I’ve found more and more in the last few years is that many people are unable or unwilling to move from their podium of privilege to speak out against that which many of us claim we’re against. When we realize there are no others, no us vs them, but that the reality is: I am you and you are me, we have the potential to move forward together. 

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Social Justice Runs in My Blood

I decided that the folks who had experienced the loss deserved to have a voice and the subsequent healing that would take place by talking. I organized a town hall (before town halls were en vogue) that was attended by the Ann Arbor Mayor, the Chief of Police for the Ann Arbor Police Department, the Fire Chief and concerned and affected community members (parents and students).

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